Philanthropy: money and/or time given for the wellbeing and benefit of others.

Art: something created and crafted for the mind and body that carries special significance.

Philanthropic: an adjective that describes a noun (a word to supplement art). 


There are two kinds of philanthropic contribution for the long term well-being and benefit of others:

1. the giving of financial and practical support.

2. the giving of time and effort. 

An individual may be a philanthropist in either, or both ways. There are many areas of philanthropy that include the fields of education, medicine, social welfare, science, the environment, and art. Philanthropy is not associated with a particular culture, political stance, or religious belief.

A Content Philanthropist originates work that is given freely to others.

Philanthropic Art is the creation, production, distribution and presentation of art that requires no payment to experience.

Extract from the artwork With and Alone

Artwork and Publication: With And Alone


Politics: the use of power by one person or group to affect the behaviour of another.

The power of art is in its emotional and intellectual impact across time and place. Art, like nothing else, connects with us no matter our age, gender, economic circumstance, and cultural setting.

The act of making and giving art freely speaks of a political conviction that views the world not in transactional terms (I give this to get that), but rather as a place of community where we have the opportunity to share and grow together. 

Music: The Gentle Shore

My Journey As A Content Philanthropist

My name is Mike de Sousa. I have created public art for over forty years, and have made art that has been freely accessible online since 2000. The first artwork above, I Want To See, is one of several you will find here.

I devote all my working time and effort towards creating music, art, and words that I publish and make available without payment or commercial advertising of any kind. Those experiencing content in this way do so without the demands and distraction of money and ownership. Philanthropic Art allows the focus to be wholly on how it is felt and thought of...

I dream two love.

A one line four word poem: I Dream

My conviction is that art in all its forms has transformative qualities that not only inspire, but also holds the potential of bringing us closer together through its journeys of the heart, mind, and body. Art can help us act well...

In my twenties and thirties I worked as a composer, pianist, and percussionist with dancers and choreographers from New York Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Paris Ballet, and London Contemporary Dance Theatre. I continued to compose and make art as I enjoyed economic success as a co-founder of a software company in my forties, but decided to dedicate myself wholly to making public art in 2015. To those who value economic security, my walking away from a very well paid directorship may seem baffling. My view that art and ideas should be made available to everyone, freely, had however hardened over time.

I view art in all its forms as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Art is the way we share, individually and collectively, most profoundly through its connections with the human spirit. The arts can also be invaluable as a means to encourage peace and understanding, often between those with opposing views and beliefs. Making art for others is of far more consequence than making money for myself.

Although I am not rich, I count myself as fortunate and have the means to make a contribution when others who have less do not. I feel a responsibility to do so, however the costs are considerable.

My decision to devote myself to creating art and ideas for all results in my having far less income than I would otherwise enjoy, and I have gradually spent all my savings supporting the products of my vocation.

In addition to the economic consequence of content philanthropy, there are personal and cultural sacrifices too. The value of art is often and mistakenly thought of in economic terms. I write about this in my publication The Profit of Art. A great deal of art is sold, often as an exclusive entity that only a few, or even only one will experience. The economic price paid for a work of art is widely celebrated and envied. As someone who offers my work freely, some will judge it therefore has less value. There are however numerous examples of those who have made art that was not created for the marketplace, but rather for its value to enrich and inspire a community. Some, like William Blake, become well known after their time. Others like Banksy, have their work economically exploited during their time.

Cultural critics and the arts establishment often assess art's status on the bases of its perceived public acclaim, critical notoriety, and the ability to generate revenue. Where capitalism thrives, all three feed on one another, and it becomes difficult for many to cleave themselves away from the notion that good art is that which is well known, recognized by the cultural elite, and demands a high price.

Despite the challenges of my philanthropic work, I continue to believe in the importance of making art and ideas that are accessible without the barrier of having to pay for it. I consider those things of most importance have nothing whatsoever to do with money, and I want those with least to have the same opportunities of being enriched by music, paintings, poetry and more, as those who are economically wealthy. Hope, compassion, kindness, and love are of greatest value. These cost nothing to give but our effort to act well, and I view making art in this same way.

I Know My Past

Artwork: I Know My Past


The art and music on this page are examples of my work offered freely and for all to enjoy. These form part of a large body of my work I present in list form.

Music: Together We Make New

I continue to produce new work that you are welcome to discover at Art Lover VIP where you can also contact me. Simply put, my vocation is to try my best to love. Making art is my way that love manifests itself. Your way will be different but of no less value. Each moment we love, the world becomes a better place... 

Take care, be loved, and love...